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Sustainable Employability

National Employability Plan

More people stay longer and healthy at work. The aim of the National Employability Plan is to mobilize employers, their managers and employees to take sustainable measures for long-term, healthy, enjoyable and productive participation in the labour process. Employers, managers and employees share responsibility for this, with employees taking control of their own career development and employers providing support.

How it works

The National Employability Plan is an initiative of Stichting Kroon op het Werk, TNO and WerkVanNu. We and our partners support companies to improve the sustainable employability of their employees. Companies select their own advisors; we facilitate them and provide them with high-quality advanced instruments and digital portals: the Sustainable Employability Index for employees and the Company Scan for employers.

Learning Network

Various companies, two sector organizations and over twenty advisers have already joined the National Employability Plan. It is estimated that in 2013 they support some 2000 employees through the programme. The National Employability Plan is a learning network in which partners exchange ideas and expertise to work on new interventions and integrated approaches through open innovation. TNO is monitoring the output and the quality of the services.

Digital Portal

Employees work on their employability through a digital portal. A dashboard allows them to see at a glance what they can work on next. Employees produce an action plan and are supported by a coach. Companies are able to present their range of interventions on the portal, allowing actions to be initiated in a simple way. In parallel, employers and there advisors can identify potential improvements within their organizations through their own portal and digital dashboard. The focus throughout is on movement and achieving actual change. The digital instruments help quantify these changes and allow customised rapid intervention in the process.


Stichting Werkgeversforum Kroon op het Werk, Wouter van Ginkel (wouter.vanginkel@tno.nl)

Uit de praktijk

'‘Met het Nationaal Inzetbaarheidsplan kunnen allerlei initiatieven en interventies worden geïntegreerd, in het verleden werd er geen navolging gegeven aan losse acties, nu kan er beter gevolg aan worden gegeven.'

'‘Ik wil graag meer kennis ontwikkelen over duurzame inzetbaarheid, zodat ik meer zicht heb over hoe medewerkers hun eigen inzetbaarheid op deze thema’s kunnen versterken en ik organisaties kan adviseren over het faciliteren hiervan.’'

'‘Samen bereiken we meer. Ik zie in het netwerk een uitstekende manier om duurzame inzetbaarheid integraal te benaderen. Ik zie ook dat organisaties daaraan behoefte hebben.’'